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Mini clean & oil injection machine(CM-Ⅱ)

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  •     Cleaning & Oil Injection Machine is an automatic cleaning and maintaining equipment for dental handpieces. The product is integrated with cleaning and oil-injection together. To a large extent, it relieves the load of dental assistants who used to clean and oil-injection separately. It obviously improve the working efficiency and reduce the oil harmness to people. The advantages are as follows:
        Integrated cleaning with oil-injection, saving a lot of procedures.
        The quantity of handpieces for cleaning and oil-injection has been increased from 20 to 42, which is more suitable for hospital.
        It adopts Siemens cleaning system as for cleaning source with water softening system.
        It adopts six groups oil –injection instead of the original whole oil-injection way. It solves the problem of uneven oil-injection. Each group can be taken out, which is convenient for clinets to equip and position handpieces.
        The handpiece connection is wrench type. The head of handpiece faces down. It is in favor of oil injection. Reliable sealing avoids water entering into the handpiece.
        It adds water filter system in the water in-let.
        Lubrication is delivered in the slim tube. It reduces the quantity of detergent and lubrication meanwhile maintaining the best oil-injection effect.
        LCD displays the whole working process. Once the client chooses the working unit in the new smart control program, everything will be finished automatically without man-made operation.

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